Retention at Shawnee State is a top priority. 大学保留, 有时被称为坚持, is of increasing importance to our administrators as they work to improve graduate rates and decrease loss of tuition revenue from students who either drop out or transfer to another school.

Transfer rates are very high in the United States with 60% of all bachelor's degrees being awarded to students who began their college at another institution, 澳门威尼斯十大官网也不例外. Retaining students means that the investment in recruitment pays off, Shawnee State doesn't lose the tuition revenue, 学生实现目标, students remain engaged in their classes and involved on campus, and students form social and emotional ties to the university that encourage them to do well academically and become loyal alumni of the University.


If you know a Shawnee State University student struggling with academic or non-academic issues that are impeding their success, 考虑“推荐学生”." The 推荐形式 是简单的完成和保密.