澳门威尼斯十大官网, 受托人, 学生, 教师, 管理员, 和 staff share in making decisions that continue to advance the mission of the University.


校董会 is the governing body of 肖尼 State University 和 is responsible for the educational mission 和 fiscal 政策 for the University.


总统 serves as the chief executive 和 academic officer of 肖尼 State University, 监督所有学术, 公共, 业务, financial 和 related affairs of the University under the 政策 和 general supervision of the 肖尼 State University 校董会.


的 executive team at 肖尼 State University includes the chief officers who oversee portions of each of SSU's divisions: 金融 & 政府 和 进步 & 登记管理. All functions at 肖尼 State are organized within these divisions.  

学生,教师 & 工作人员 

学生, 教师, 和 staff participate in the development of strategic initiatives, 政策, 和 in decision-making that affect the institution. 的 interests of 学生, 教师, 和 staff are represented by four bodies:

  1. 学生会协会
  2. 大学教务委员会
  3. 大学行政会议

代表 from each of these groups participate in university-wide committees charged with making recommendations about 政策, 编程, 校园活动, 和遵从性.